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Nutrition to help shape your health from the inside.

I see many people who are struggling with health issues, ranging from low energy, digestive issues, food intolerances, skin conditions, migraines or anxiety. Often, they have been told this is just part of life, or an unfortunate part of their pre- and post-menopause experience, and that they just need to learn to live with it.

Actually, you don’t have to put up with feeling unwell.

Blueberry heart - yummy real food to support your health- istockphoto

The best way to find out how

nutritional therapy can help

improve and shape your health

is to just get in touch for a free

informal consultation.

It absolutely fascinates me how nutrition shapes our health.

Inspired by my personal health experiences, as well as working with
my clients in different stages of their lives, I have developed a special interest in Gut health, Energy levels and Hormone balance for women in midlife and above.


Nutrition can be a powerful tool to help you feel your best.

I offer Personalised One-to-One Programmes work and enjoy reaching a wider audience through guest lectures, talks, workshops & Corporate Wellness work.

My approach is personalised, evidence based and functional. I take time to listen and look at the whole picture. Based on your personal health story, nutrition and lifestyle habits I create a personal support plan to address possible root causes and health challenges and help improve your symptoms in a practical way.


My aim is to improve the quality of your life.

Lin Petry Nutrition, Kendal, Cumbria, UK
t: 07963 552383

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