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Fascinating Hormones

Hormones are chemical messenger that move through the body and coordinate a wide range of  functions, such as growth, appetite, moods, metabolism and changes in the body throughout the different life stages.

It is absolutely fascinating how hormones orchestrate the body functioning and women's transition throughout life, from puberty, through the fertile stage (with approximately 400 periods) and via perimenopause to menopause.

How you experience the hormonal cycles in life can be an indicator of your general wellbeing, potential underlying health conditions and a transition into the next life stage. The best way to manage your hormonal cycle is to get to know it well, so that you can capitalise on the good days full of energy and provide the best possible self-care to balance your hormones, especially during the challenging days.

Start looking after yourself in an organised way today with one of the FREE downloadable Monthly Trackers on this page.


The way in which nutrition can influence both hormone production and balance is simply put: Magic!

Keeping a 7-day food diary is a great start to understand how your food intake shapes your health and hormone balance.

If you would like to find out more about this connection and how nutritional therapy can work for you then book a

FREE 20 minute informal telephone consultation.

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Self-kindness is to a person what water is to a delicate plant - if you shower it
every day with love then it will thrive beyond your wildest expectation

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