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I really enjoy the energy that comes with public speaking. It is an opportunity to share something meaningful with a group of friends, at a workplace, a group of parents or those interested in a specific condition or way of eating.

Upcoming Events

Fascinating Hormones Talks

A range of talks for women before, during and after menopause, addressing specific aspects of hormonal changes

A talk for woemn of all ages with practical nutrition and lifestyle advice to support the changing body and brain.

Book a talk for your event


Please get in touch if you would like more information on how I could be part of your event or at your organisation.

I can create bespoke presentations, lectures or interactive workshops.

Example Topics:

  • Balancing hormones at all stages of life - getting to know your hormones and how nutrition helps to create and maintain hormone balance.

  • How to change what you eat – A practical approach on changing your food habits to improve your health.

  • Creating live foods workshop – Make your own sauerkraut and other pickles.

  • Nourishing your microbiome – Your gut bacteria community is the gatekeeper to your immune health and so it makes sense to look after your gut.

  • Adapting to a ‘Free From’ diet in a practical way – A practical approach to eating when you have to avoid a nutrient or specific foods.

  • How sugar and food additives affect your health – Where they hide in your food, where they hide in your body and how they affect your health.

Please contact me to discuss your own suggestion …….

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