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Looking after your team makes you a great employer and
it helps y
our team to feel and achieve their best!


Companies have the power to improve their employees' wellbeing!

Positive support of your staff at work promotes the success of every individual and the business as a whole.

Is your challenge as a business frequent absence due to health conditions or attracting new talent?

Then adding Nutrition Support for your staff is always part of the answer. Looking after your staff by helping them understand how nutrition shapes their health is a sustainable corporate strategy to help increase attendance, productivity and a positive strong team beyond the working hours.


Creating a workplace, where corporate care empowers their people to do and achieve their best, offers an inspiring and uplifting work environment.

Is Nutrition Support the missing piece in your corporate strategy?

Support I offer to help empower your staff in group settings or at a personal level

Talk Topics

  • Basic Nutrition Essentials for Busy People in the Workplace

  • Stress, Low Energy & Burnout: Understand, Manage & Prevent

  • Fascinating Hormones - Natural Approaches to Women's Health

  • Good Mood Food: Practical Nutrition for Mental Health  

  • Autumn Resilience: Nutrition & Lifestyle to Prepare for Winter


Additional options

  • Pop-Up Clinics - 30 minute one-to-one sessions

  • Lunch-Box Workshops

  • Mini Challenges 3-6 topic specific sessions

  • Group specific Mini Talks

  • Ebooks and Work books

  • Practical Handouts

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