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Functional Tests


Functional testing is an excellent way to assess potential nutritional imbalances and explore food allergies or intolerances, nutritional deficiencies, metabolic function and hormonal imbalances. It helps inform personalised nutrition recommendations and helps to create a more targeted personal nutrition plan that is best suited for your needs.

I work with a few laboratories who offer these tests to clients and my role is to interpret and report the results to you and explain which nutritional and lifestyle changes can address any identified imbalances.

Tests I may recommend include, but are not limited to, the following:

GI Effects comprehensive stool profile – Genova Diagnostics – from £375
(1 stool sample, turnaround approx. 17 days)

GI Effects offers a comprehensive GI health assessment evaluating the root cause of most gut complaints such as gas, bloating, indigestion, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, and constipation. This stool test offers valuable insight into digestive function, gut inflammation, and the gut microbiome, which can reveal important information about the root cause of many common gastrointestinal symptoms. In addition they can be used to monitor clinical conditions, such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), food allergies, GI infections, pancreatic insufficiency, absorption of food in the gut, and overgrowth of microbes including yeasts, virus’s and the presence of parasites.



Metabolomix profile – Genova Diagnostics – from £355
(one urine sample over one day, turnaround approx. 14 days)

This test offers an insight into individual nutritional needs. A first morning urine collection, offers a non-invasive, patient-friendly way to assess the functional need for antioxidants, B-vitamins, minerals, digestive support, fatty acids, and amino acids, which are an essential part of energy metabolism. It helps to further explore symptoms and chronic conditions related to nutritional deficiencies such as; mood disorders, fatigue, mitochondrial dysfunction, chronic stress, inflammation and metabolic imbalances.



Thyroid panel – Genova Diagnostics – from £160
(Blood test, turnaround approx. 7 days)

Thyroid hormones are essential and primary regulators of the body's metabolism. Hormone imbalances can affect virtually every metabolic process in the body, exerting significant effects on mood and energy level. The Comprehensive Thyroid Assessment is a hormone test that provides a thorough analysis of thyroid hormone metabolism. It includes central thyroid gland regulation and activity, thyroid production and secretion, peripheral thyroid conversion, and thyroid autoimmunity. This hormone test allows me to pinpoint common imbalances that underlie a broad spectrum of chronic illness. This test analyses serum levels of TSH, free T4, free T3, reverse T3, anti-TG antibodies, and anti-TPO antibodies to assess central and peripheral thyroid function, as well as thyroid auto-immunity.

Hormonal Health – Genova Diagnostics – from £317

(Clients collect just four or five dried urine samples over a 24-hour period. Turnaround approx. 14 days).

Comprehensive hormone test that measures sex hormones and stress (adrenal) hormones and their metabolites, including; progesterone, oestrogen, testosterone and cortisol.  Also includes melatonin to help identify any hormonal imbalances within your monthly cycle. Common signs of this can include premenstrual tension, fluid retention, excessive menstrual bleeding, menstrual irregularity, low libido, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, infertility, acne, and excess body hair.



Food intolerance testing – Cambridge Nutritional Sciences – from £120.
(Blood spot, turnaround approx. 7-14 days).


Although not life threatening like a food allergy, food intolerances should never be underestimated. Their impact on sufferers can be significant, severely impacting on their ability to live normal healthy lives. Food intolerances can lead to delayed symptoms including headaches, weight gain, inflammation and immune reactions.

Vitamin D – County Pathology – £55

(Blood test, turnaround approx. 7-14 days).

A vitamin D test can, in some cases, be obtained via your GP, however where not available this is a reasonable alternative.

Vitamin D deficiency is becoming increasingly common within our population. It’s a powerful modulator of our immune system and acts more like a hormone than a vitamin in the body. Maintaining Vitamin D levels protects the body from a wide range of diseases including viruses, cardiovascular disease, bone disease, autoimmune disease (such as multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis), strokes, nervous system disorders (such as Parkinson’s disease) and type 1 and 2 diabetes. Depression and breast, prostate and colon cancer have also been linked to Vitamin D deficiency. It is important to know your levels before supplementing as toxicity can cause its own symptoms.

Please note all prices are subject to change and are not included in programme or consultation fees.

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