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Why is children’s nutrition important? 

More and more children are presenting with complex health issues that can be exacerbated by environmental factors, a poor diet and low nutrient intake.  It’s important to support your child’s well-being with the healthiest diet possible while they are growing, especially when they are struggling with intolerances, gut problems, behavioural issues or teenage hormone imbalances.


Getting your children to eat the good stuff and preparing meals that are liked by all the family can be a daily challenge.  Yet supporting children‘s nutrition is vital, because healthy eating habits are a valuable life skill to guide your child into healthier adult life.


Changing our family food habits has taught me that it can be confusing and hard to find and introduce good nutrition. There are so many conflicting messages circulating, that sometimes it can be hard to pick through the right advice. As a qualified nutritional therapist, I can help families to eat well together, to make food fun and engage children in healthy eating on a daily basis.




The best way to find out how nutritional therapy can help improve your child's health

is to get in touch for a free informal consultation. 




Children’s Programme - £325    8-12 Weeks

This programme is for children with specific health issues and offers practical family friendly solutions when your child: 

  • Is a picky eater or struggles with healthy choices and has a sweet tooth.

  • Has been diagnosed with eczema, asthma an allergy or intolerance.  

  • Has digestive issues such as constipation, diarrhoea or frequent belly aches.

  • Struggles with weight issues.

  • Experiences anxiety, mood swings or depression which could be related to their diet.

  • Is frequently tired, unwell with colds or other infections and generally seems unwell.

  • Struggles with concentration or behavioural problems.

  • Has a diagnosis of hyperactivity and you want to know how diet and nutrition might be able to support their well-being.

3 Consultations in person or online – One initial 90-minute consultation and two 45-minute follow-up consultations.

  • Initial comprehensive consultation include:

    • Detailed health and lifestyle assessment to evaluate current symptoms.

    • Full medical history assessment.

    • 7-day food diary and nutrition habit analysis.

    • Lifestyle and environmental factors.

    • Evaluation of any interactions between current medication and nutrients.

  • Personalised nutrition advice with family friendly meal plans, recipes and cooking tips.

  • Personalised supplement plan.

  • Lifestyle, exercise, relaxation and sleep recommendations that fit your life.

  • Recommendations on (if required) and interpretation of results.

I offer a range of child friendly Functional Tests which help to find out more about their nutrient status and underlying imbalances.  Available tests are hair mineral analysis, urine testing for vitamin and mineral metabolites, Vitamin D testing, stool testing and food intolerances or allergies. These are usually done via finger prick testing, urine, stool or hair samples that can be done at home.  

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