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Personalised programmes to improve your health

A personalised programme for your unique health story

Personalised nutrition is based on your full health history, your current symptoms, a detailed 7-day food diary, any medication you take and your lifestyle. This information forms your unique health story.

I have a special interest in gut health, energy levels and hormone balance and help women with common symptoms of perimenopause and menopause optimise their vitality by establishing good nutrition habits for the next stage of life.

In my experience it takes time to explore the root cause of health concerns, introduce and establish new food habits, and make lifestyle changes that benefit you and help reduce uncomfortable symptoms.

I offer personalised programs that last 12-16 weeks, with different levels of support to help you make the most of Nutritional Therapy. Each program is based on a detailed health and nutrition assessment to evaluate current symptoms. I create personalised nutrition advise and supplements specific to your needs. Functional tests may be recommended to further explore metabolic functioning, explore root causes and monitor your nutrition progress.

Comprehensive program – £695
4 x 1 hour nutritional therapy sessions plus
4 x 30 mins staying on track sessions with email support.
This Comprehensive program offers a great level of support for those with complex health concerns or who prefer a more regular contact to stay on track.

Essential program – £395
3 x 1 hour nutritional therapy sessions with email support.
This is most suitable for a self-motivated person with milder conditions and symptoms.

SOS Nutrition support – £145
1 hour nutritional therapy session.
This is a great way to review your current food intake and get started on making improvements to your food habits. It includes a 7 day food diary review and a unique tailored nutrition programme. Please note that this is only suitable if you have no complex or serious health conditions.

Please note that costs of functional tests and supplements are not included in the programme fees.

Please contact me for a free informal 30 minute consultation to discuss how nutritional therapy can help improve and shape your health.


Book an informal free phone consultation

The free 20 minute telephone consultation is a great opportunity to find out

how a personalised nutrition programme can work for you.

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